Titans Season 2 Episode 1 – Trigon

The show finally returns and Trigon continues its take over over of all titans. The seasons kicks off right where it left with the Koriander and Donna Troy watching a force field of darkness, with no way to enter. Hawk and Dawn show up to help.

Everyone slowly turns into Trigon puppets, black eyes and black eye liner. Each face a nightmare scenario such as Koriander faces her choice to kill Rachel, Robin (Dick Grayson) Vs Robin (Jason Todd). Donna Troy see’s her past she’s around ten and a building is on fire and a loved one dead on the floor.

Rachel discovers her true power.

Slade is introduced.

Bruce Wayne meets with Dick Grayson

The kids and Dick Grayson find a base

Awesome episode wish the Trigon fight was better but I can’t wait until we see more of Deathstroke.

Author: StonerThoughts

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