Titans Season 2 Episode 2 “Rose”

What an amazing episode with so many easter eggs.  BEWARE SPOILERS

The episode takes place 3 months from when they moved into the tower at the end of the first episode.  Hank and Dawn live on a farm, living far away from the action.

A man breaks out of prison who turns out to be Dr Light, played by Michael Mosley.  He walks out of his cell to see majority of the guards already dead.





The titans are in the tower watching a girl running away kicking some cops asses.  Everyone is in amazement of what they are seeing.  Dick Grayson leaves the tower

to go find this mystery woman, and brings her back to titans tower.




After Hank finds out Dawn is out still out there fighting crime, and drug dealers they are interrupted by a friend.  The friend looks sick drops down and emits into light, Hank and Dawn barely escape, the call Dick Grayson.  He advises them to go to Titans tower.





Koriand’r and Donna Troy are working together to find a villain named Shimmer,  Roy “Arsenal/Red Arrow” Harper’s name is mentioned in the van and Donna Troy gets a phone call from him as well, I wonder if he’ll make an appearance this season.  They stop Shimmer and go off and get some taco’s the two split off Donna answers the phone call from Roy, and Koriand’r gets in line to get taco’s she get’s abducted by someone who called her “your highness”




Dick Grayson is trying to get more information and trying he finds out her name is Rose to convince Rose to stay the two are attacked by Dr. Light while Dick Grayson is trying to find information on Rose.




Jason Todd and Garfield are looking into Rose, they find out her name is Rose Wilson and that she is the daughter to Slade Wilson, Garfield has no idea who he is but Jason Todd definitely knows who he is and says his name Death Stroke .



SO much going on in this show so far and half of the titans haven’t appeared yet, we still await Superboys appearance, Aqualad’s appearance, and a few more. The pacing this season is definitely better and feels smoother, the way they split the characters apart this episode was well done, I liked the combination of Koriand’r and Donna, they have good chemistry together and have a good comedic presence. I liked the three youngsters  staying in the tower like they were grounded to  train and learn.  Dick Grayson out there doing his detective stuff trying to find information on this Rose girl. 




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