Doom Patrol – Review

Definitely one of my favorite shows of 2019, it has it all comedy action, and good story.  Each character has their own tragic story. Cliff Steele was a pretty damn good race car driver won many cups, he was in a car accident and survived because Dr. Niles implanted his brain into a robot.

Larry Trainor  was an  air force pilot who was flight testing a plane when it was hit by an electrical force forcing him to crash, he survived the crash but came 100% burns and has a negative electrical force with him, and is wrapped with bandages they call him negative man, or at least they will.

Rita Farr was an actress who had a freak accident on set which turned her into a blob, she turns into it when she is stressed. She is pretty much the den mother of the house, doesn’t want any problems and minds her own business.

Crazy Jane has a 64 personalities and each one of them has powers. You will be introduced to many of them as the series goes on, and each one of them are powerful.

Dr. Niles Coulder has been watching them for many years and kept them secret until he left town, and Crazy Jane decided to take a trip to town and all hell broke loose, putting them on the map against enemies of Dr. Coulder.  The first Villain is mr. Nobody the one telling the story.

It’s a Must See


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