Top 10 Bob’s Burgers Episodes

I’m a huge fan of Bob’s Burgers I put the show on shuffle when i’m working out or playing videos games as background music. This is my opinion on the top 10 episodes of Bob’s Burgers.

#10 Sacred Cow

Bob is getting ready to sell his 100,000th Burger when he is interrupted by Randy a documentarian film maker, who is using Bob as his centerpiece of his film.  Randy brings a cow to Bob and makes him decide its fate.  Tina finds cow manure shaped as an emoticon and thinks the Moolisa is communicating with her. Bob starts having nightmares about Moolisa, so Bob brings Moolisa up to his apartment, Bob and Linda have an argument about the cow, Linda forces the cow out of the apartment but then the cow is stolen, Bob and Randy have to team up to steal it back. 

Funny quotes

Linda: I had a crazy dream that there wouldn’t be a cows A-S-S in my face while I’m eating breakfast
Louise: (to Tina) I know what that spells
Tina: ASS
Louise: MOM… ASS

Tina:(to moolisa) are you going to give me a poop today 

Randy: Her name is moolisa she’s do to be processed in five days, unless you choose to spare her life.

Bob: Why

Randy: that’s right you will decide her fate,its COW-NT DOWN

#9 Millie-Churian Candidate

Jimmy Jr is running for president, Tina is the campaign manager, and he is running against Henry Haybert at least until Louise’s arch-enemy Millie enters the race. Louise makes herself Jimmy Jr’s campaign manager because Louise thinks that Millie is running for president to control her, when that happens Louise decides to run for president to beat Millie. Meanwhile, Bob and Linda buys a new fukanama knife and gets into a competition against Teddy and his McCleclin Hammer.

Louise Loses the elections in her dream

Bobs New knife vs. Teddys Hammer

#8 Bob Fires The kids

After getting a package from the couple who bought his dads old restaurant, he realizes he is just like his dad by always making them work and not have fun, so he fires them so they can go enjoy their young lives. Bob has trouble hiring their replacements until their good old pal Micky shows up.  The kids get a new job at a farm. 
Kids Get Fired

Kids Get A New Job

7. Mutiny on the Windbreaker

Bob and the family get invited onto a cruise ship to be a cook for one day, the day becomes a night and the family is  forced to stay on the ship,

#6 Glued, Where’s My Bob

Skip Maroog calls Bob to let him know that he recommended Bob’s Burgers for undiscovered gem profile for a free magazine called Coasters, and someone is coming to interview him.  The kids are having a goop war where they put random goop on random objects to watch their siblings unknowing get goop’d.  Louise puts glue on the toilet seat and Bob sits on it and is stuck while waiting for the Coasters guy to come for the interview.

Word gets out that Bob is stuck to  the toilet and people start lining up in the streets to see,. A news reporter is outside interviewing Jimmy Pesto, and Edith. Dr Yap comes in with a plan to help Bob by numbing his butt with novocaine and yank him off,  It fails and the people from Coasters arrive.  Bob snaps and Louise saves the business.

5. Topsy

The science fair is around the corner and Louise wants to submit the same volcano she submitted the year before.  When she gets to science class there’s a new teacher who has one rule for the science fair and that is NO VOLCANOES, and assigns Louise, Thomas Edison.  When doing research on Thomas Edison she finds the video of him electrocuting Topsy the elephant.  When he gets into an argument with Mr Dinkler, she decides to re-enact the Topsy electrocution with Tina as Topsy and Gene as Thomas Edison, and Gene writes a song for it.

Mr Dinkler finds out about Louise’s plan and gives her detention, she finds a way to get free and goes on with the plan.

#4 Work Hard or Die Trying

The episode starts of with Gene arguing with Courtney about the fall musical. The fall musical is around the corner, and the students are allowed to pitch ideas, Gene has plans to pitch his Die hard Musical which he has been working on for a long time, before he gets to pitch his idea Courtney Wheeler pitched Working Girl.  Louise helps Gene accomplish his dream, by doing the musical in the boiler room of the school.


This was the series premiere episode the show that kicked off the series.  Bob is opening his restaurant on Labor Day weekend it is their biggest day, its Linda’s birthday and they get a surprise inspection from Hugo who turns out to be Linda’s Ex-Boyfriend.  Louise is at show and tell and tells everyone at school that beef in their burgers are made of Human Flesh.  

#2 Sheesh! Cab, Bob?

Tina’s birthday is coming up so Bob is forced to get a job as a taxi driver for Mr Fishoder the owner of Bobs building and majority of the city.  Tina has a list of the stuff she wants for her birthday and the main thing she wants is a first kiss from Jimmy Jr, the son of Bob’s rival. 

On his adventures he learns a lot about transvestites 


#1 Art Crawl

The street Ocean Avenue is having their annual Art Crawl Bob and the kids walk through and mock and make fun of it.  They are avoiding Gayle’s art.  The family gets back to the restaurant and see that Gayle painted animal anuses. Bob wants to remove them decides to keep them when he is confronted by the Art Store lady….

Bob’s burgers is one of my favorite animated series.  It has classic written all over it and doesn’t take itself to seriously with the politics because there really is none.  It has a great cast  of voice actors and great writing staff.  There are many great episodes of Bob’s Burgers 

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