Beastmode OG – Hybrid

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Beast Mode OG is a proprietary strain of cannabis distributed by Green Umbrella, a Seattle-based delivery service. When the grower, Zion Gardens, first received the strain they believed it was a Girl Scout Cookies cut, but after growing it out it became apparent that this strain was either an exceptional phenotype of OG Kush or it was an OG-dominant hybrid of some kind. The strain was dubbed Beast Mode OG after tasting and testing showed that the potent effects induced a powerful punch similar to the running style of NFL Running Back Marshawn Lynch, nicknamed Beast Mode. The popularity of the strain was amplified to celebrity status as Seattle‰Ûªs football team claimed its first championship following the 2013 season. The strain itself stays true to OG genetics with a pungent, piney Kush aroma that provides a balance between indica and sativa effects. Beast Mode OG is a great mood elevator and serves as a great answer to stress and body pain.

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FLAVORS: Apricot, Flowery, Earthy, Woody, Pine,

Effect: Euphoric, Happy, Talkative, Uplifted

Medical: Inflammation, Lack of Appetite, Pain, Stress,

Negative: Dizzy, Dry Eyes, Dry Mouth, Paranoid, Anxious

Feeling Percentage

Euphoric – 0%
Happy – 91.61849711%
Relaxed – 95.95375723%
Talkative – 100%
Uplifted – 64.45086705%
Fatigue – 48.76847291%
Inflammation – 0%
Lack of Appetite – 87.68472906%
Pain – 56.15763547%
Stress – 100%
Dizzy – 44.68085106%
Dry Eyes – 94.68085106%
Dry Mouth – 100%
Paranoid – 10.63829787%
Anxious – 10.63829787%

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