Damn Sour – Sativa


Damn Sour – Sativa – Dsr

Damn Sour is a mostly sativa strain bred by Green House Seeds using Sage N Sour genetics. As its name suggests, this cannabis variety inherits a distinctive sour aroma with funky hints of diesel. Its effects immediately flood the cerebral space with intense euphoria which may overwhelm the novice consumer. The typically high THC content of Damn Sour makes this strain a good choice for patients seeking potent relief of stubborn aches or appetite loss without having to sacrifice daytime energy.

FLAVORS: Sweet , Citrus , Orange , Earthy , Ammonia

MAKES YOU FEEL: Creative , Happy , Hungry , Tingly, Uplifted

HELPS WITH Cramps , Depression , Headaches , Nausea , Pain

NEGATIVE EFFECTS: Dizzy , Dry Eyes , Dry Mouth , Headache , Paranoid

PARENTS: Sage N Sour, , , , ,

FLOWERING: 7 – 9 wks

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