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Durga Mata – Indica


Durga Mata – Indica – Dgm

Durga Mata, bred by Paradise Seeds, is an indica-driven strain. Despite being 90% indica, it acts unlike other predominately indica strains. With flavors best described as reminiscent of Turkish Delight, it offers a long-lasting relaxing body buzz without the couch potato effect. This strain has a natural resistance to pests and survives through rough treatment, which makes it a recommended choice for beginners and outdoor growers.

FLAVORS: Citrus , Earthy , Woody , Minty , Mint

MAKES YOU FEEL: Happy , Hungry , Relaxed , Talkative, Uplifted

HELPS WITH Cramps , Insomnia , Lack of Appetite , Muscle Spasms , Stress

NEGATIVE EFFECTS: Dizzy , Dry Eyes , Dry Mouth , ,

PARENTS: South Asian Indica, , , , ,

HEIGHT: 30 in – 78 in
YIELD:3 – 6 oz/ftå_
FLOWERING: 7 – 9 wks

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