Golden Tiger – Sativa


Golden Tiger – Sativa – Gti

Golden Tiger is a resinous flower created from two Thai strains and two separate Malawi cuts. Bred by Ace Seeds, this pure sativa flower is a complex blend of Koh Chang Thai and Hmong Thai crossed with Malawi and 3rd Generation Malawi. This powerful sativa is not for beginners, as it offers long-lasting stimulating effects often with a potent psychedelic bent. With a terpene profile that is bright with notes of floral spice and tart lemon, its vigorous physical and mental effects make this a sativa of the highest caliber. This strain‰Ûªs long sativa lineage comes with a long 11 to 14 week flowering time.

FLAVORS: Lemon , Apricot , Flowery , Earthy , Minty

MAKES YOU FEEL: Creative , Energetic , Happy , Talkative, Uplifted

HELPS WITH Depression , Fatigue , Pain , Stress , Dry Mouth

NEGATIVE EFFECTS: Paranoid , , , ,

PARENTS: Malawi, , , , ,


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