Himalayan Gold – Hybrid


Himalayan Gold – Hybrid – Hig

The Himalayan mountains are home to many cannabis strains. Parents of Himalayan Gold originate in Himalayan-bordering countries of Nepal and North India. When grown indoors, Himalayan Gold plants can reach up to 5 feet. However when grown outdoors, they have been known to reach up to 8 feet in length. The aromas of this plant have been characterized as a sweet and spicy chocolate and a hint of pepper. With a THC content up to 15% and a CBD of 1.4%, the high hits down and then works its way up.

FLAVORS: Citrus , Orange , Earthy , Menthol , Spicy/Herbal

MAKES YOU FEEL: Aroused , Creative , Euphoric , Happy, Sleepy

HELPS WITH Depression , Inflammation , Lack of Appetite , Nausea , Pain

NEGATIVE EFFECTS: Dizzy , Dry Eyes , Dry Mouth , Headache , Paranoid

PARENTS: Nepalese, North Indian, , , ,

FLOWERING: 7 – 9 wks

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