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Killing Fields – Sativa


Killing Fields – Sativa – Kf

Killing Fields is the result of some clever breeding by Sannie‰Ûªs Seeds. Using two of their own strains, The One and Jack, they‰Ûªve come up with this sativa that is known for its complex aroma. Killing fields packs a candy sugar and spice mix with notes of berry and citrus. It feels like a treat, especially for patients looking for something tasty. Like many sativas, this strain is slower to flower at 11-13 weeks. It grows tall, so space is a must, especially since these plants do best indoors. When the buds do show up, they will be large foxtails of dark green and blue. This is one for sativa lovers with a strong, cerebral feeling that lasts.

FLAVORS: Berry , Lemon , Earthy , Pungent , Woody

MAKES YOU FEEL: Aroused , Creative , Energetic , Focused, Happy

HELPS WITH Depression , Fatigue , Nausea , Pain , Stress

NEGATIVE EFFECTS: Dizzy , Dry Eyes , Dry Mouth , Headache , Paranoid

PARENTS: The One, Jack Herer, , , ,


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