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Lashkar Gah – Indica


Lashkar Gah – Indica – Lkg

Lashkar Gah is an indica landrace strain named after its geographic origin in south Afghanistan. Like other Afghani indicas, Lashkar Gah is consistent in its delivery of powerful, sedating effects that promote rest and relaxation. Pain, insomnia, and other severe symptoms collapse under the weight of Lashkar Gah‰Ûªs heavy effects, and a quick examination of its resin-caked buds explains this indica‰Ûªs potency. Your body may feel pinned down by Lashkar Gah‰Ûªs euphoric punch, but your mind will likely float away blissfully as the burdens of stress and anxiety dissolve.

FLAVORS: Sweet , Earthy , Pungent , Skunk , Pine

MAKES YOU FEEL: Euphoric , Happy , Hungry , Relaxed, Sleepy

HELPS WITH Insomnia , Lack of Appetite , Pain , Stress , Dry Eyes

NEGATIVE EFFECTS: Dry Mouth , , , ,

PARENTS: Afghani, , , , ,

FLOWERING: 7 – 9 wks

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