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Ancient OG – Indica


Ancient OG – Indica – Aog

Ancient OG from Bodhi Seeds is a mostly indica strain descended from an Iranian landrace and Snow Lotus. Its thickly resinous buds exude aromatic notes of earthy pine and sweet citrus that are fully realized in Ancient OG‰Ûªs taste. This high-yielding indica is best suited for sea of green gardens and has a 70 day flowering time. Outdoor cultivators should prepare for harvest in the month of October.

FLAVORS: Citrus , Flowery , Earthy , Pine , Nutty

MAKES YOU FEEL: Euphoric , Happy , Hungry , Relaxed, Sleepy

HELPS WITH Headaches , Insomnia , Lack of Appetite , Nausea , Pain

NEGATIVE EFFECTS: Dizzy , Dry Eyes , Dry Mouth , Paranoid ,

PARENTS: South Asian Indica, Snow Lotus, , , ,

HEIGHT: 30 in – 78 in
FLOWERING: 10 – 12 wks

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