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Chiquita Banana – Hybrid


Chiquita Banana – Hybrid – Cbn

Chiquita Banana by Utoptia Farms takes the Banana OG cut to the next level, with an average THC percentage pushing 33%. A cross between parent strains OG Kush and Banana, Chiquita Banana leads with a potent heady sizzle (likely brought on by the enormous quantity of THC) which then melds into a Kush-esque body buzz that is relaxing but not sedative. These Kush effects continue to gain potency over time, ‰ÛÏcreeping‰Û over the body. This powerful hybrid is an outstanding option for patients struggling to hurdle their tolerance barrier, and its effects are also well-suited for those suffering from chronic pain or nausea.

FLAVORS: Sweet , Orange , Lemon , Pineapple , Mango

MAKES YOU FEEL: Creative , Euphoric , Happy , Relaxed, Uplifted

HELPS WITH Depression , Inflammation , Lack of Appetite , Pain , Stress

NEGATIVE EFFECTS: Dry Eyes , Dry Mouth , Paranoid , ,

PARENTS: OG Kush, , , , ,


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