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Frosted Freak – Hybrid


Frosted Freak – Hybrid – Ffr

Frosted Freak is a Michigan hybrid that crosses Brand X with a long-lost sativa-dominant strain known as High Roller. She gets her name from the thick dusting of crystal resin that blankets its dense sage buds. With a citrus and piney mint flavor, Frosted Freak delivers potent effects that relax muscles, encourage the appetite, and calm nerves.

FLAVORS: Citrus , Lemon , Flowery , Vanilla , Mint

MAKES YOU FEEL: Euphoric , Happy , Relaxed , Tingly, Uplifted

HELPS WITH Depression , Muscle Spasms , Pain , Seizures , Stress

NEGATIVE EFFECTS: Dry Eyes , Dry Mouth , , ,

PARENTS: Brand X, , , , ,

YIELD:1 Р3 oz/ft̴_
FLOWERING: 7 – 9 wks

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