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Gandalf OG – Indica


Gandalf OG – Indica – Gdf

Gandalf OG is an extremely potent indica-dominant strain that packs medical-grade sedation, analgesic qualities, and an OG aroma that could only originate in a world of fantasy and wonder. This strain achieves such pronounced potency by combining parent strains Louie XIII and Skywalker OG. This indica-rich synergy creates a strain with debilitating sedation that binds the consumer to their chair while muting chronic physical pain with ease. It reeks of classic OG elements like pine, earth, and lemon peel and has deep green leaves and calyxes. Because Gandalf OG is so sedating, this strain is designed for use after the sun goes down.

FLAVORS: Sweet , Grape , Citrus , Lemon , Pine

MAKES YOU FEEL: Euphoric , Happy , Relaxed , Sleepy, Tingly

HELPS WITH Depression , Eye Pressure , Inflammation , Insomnia , Pain

NEGATIVE EFFECTS: Dry Eyes , Dry Mouth , , ,

PARENTS: King Louis XIII, , , , ,


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