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Pakistani Chitral Kush – Indica


Pakistani Chitral Kush – Indica – Pck

Chitral is a town in Pakistan known for making some of the best hash in the region. Pakistani Chitral Kush, also known as PCK, is a pure indica that is considered a selected landrace, meaning it is an indigenous strain that has been selectively inbred to enhance its characteristics. PCK produces a very colorful phenotype, often earning nicknames like Purple Pakistani or Purple Chitral. This strain is appreciated for its advanced resin production that enables this strain to produce the top-quality concentrates. PCK emits a diverse bouquet of aromas ranging from earthy caramel to sweet notes of fruits and berries. The influence of pure indica genetics creates powerfully relaxing body effects that helps to avoid anxieties and pain, as well as inducing sleep when needed.

FLAVORS: Sweet , Berry , Earthy , Spicy/Herbal , Pepper

MAKES YOU FEEL: Creative , Euphoric , Focused , Hungry, Relaxed

HELPS WITH Insomnia , Lack of Appetite , Muscle Spasms , Pain , Stress

NEGATIVE EFFECTS: Dizzy , Dry Eyes , Dry Mouth , Headache ,

PARENTS: , , , , ,

HEIGHT: < 30 in YIELD:0.5 Р1 oz/ft̴_

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