Rockbud – Indica


Rockbud – Indica – Rbd

Rockbud by Soma Seeds is an 80/20 indica-dominant strain bred using genetics from Super Skunk, Afghani, Big Skunk Korean, and Afghan Hawaiian. With its heavyweight indica force, Rockbud rids the mind and body of stress and physical symptoms, but may also take with it your energy and attention. For this reason, Rockbud is recommended as an end-of-the day indulgence. Leaves darken to a deep red as Rockbud flowers mature, and while yields tend to be on the lighter side, connoisseurs will appreciate the quality these fast-bloomers have to offer.

FLAVORS: Flowery , Earthy , Pungent , Skunk , Blue Cheese

MAKES YOU FEEL: Euphoric , Happy , Relaxed , Sleepy, Uplifted

HELPS WITH Depression , Eye Pressure , Insomnia , Nausea , Pain

NEGATIVE EFFECTS: Dry Eyes , Dry Mouth , Headache , Paranoid ,

PARENTS: Super Skunk, Afghani, Afghan Hawaiian, , ,

HEIGHT: < 30 in YIELD:0.5 – 1 oz/ftå_
FLOWERING: 7 – 9 wks

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