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Silver Surfer – Hybrid


Silver Surfer – Hybrid – Sil

Silver Surfer is a sativa-dominant hybrid whose potent cerebral effects may have you feeling like you‰Ûªre zipping through the space with your super-hero powers. This strain is very energetic and motivates many to check things off their lists or inspires talkative social activities. The indica effects are subtle and help to end this high on a relaxing note. This strain is true medical quality, so it may be a bit too active for new patients or those who experience anxiety. Silver Surfer is a cross of Super Silver Haze and Blue Dream. Plants flower in 8 to 9 weeks with large, crystal-covered yields.

FLAVORS: Sweet , Citrus , Lime , Lemon , Earthy

MAKES YOU FEEL: Euphoric , Happy , Relaxed , Talkative, Tingly

HELPS WITH Depression , Headaches , Insomnia , Pain , Stress

NEGATIVE EFFECTS: Dizzy , Dry Mouth , Headache , Paranoid , Anxious

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